Leg 10 set for tomorrow Nov 30th

Leg 10 set for tomorrow Nov. 30th: Abu Dhabi, UAE (OMAD) to Hurghada, Egypt (HEGN). 1,268 kt mile, 8hrs 30mins. Have an overflight permit for Saudi Arabia so hope to get some cool video.

Leg 9 Nagpur, India (VANP) to Abu Dhabi, UAE (OMAD)

Leg 9 set for tomorrow morning. Nagpur, India (VANP) to Abu Dhabi, UAE (OMAD) at 0700lcl/0530Z. No, not a mistake. Interestingly, the GMT here is +5 and 1/2 hours….. Distance: 1,425 kt miles. Flight time: 9hrs 35mins.

Crossing the Mekong River Delta from Vietnam into Cambodia

Stats on crossing the Pacific

Approximate distance from Half Moon Bay, CA to Phu Cat, Vietnam: 8,100 miles. Approximate flight time: 49 hours.
That’s 35% of the approximate total of 23,000 miles and 140 hours to circumnavigate the world, on the flight routing that I am on, just crossing the Pacific.

Crossing into Vietnam

Departure from Majuro Atoll and flyby

Arriving Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

Thanksgiving – Subic Bay, Philippines

Many thanks to Peter Crawford and his beautiful family for inviting me to thier Thanksgiving dinner In Subic Bay, Philippines.

Cirrus World Tour visits Bataan

Cirrus World Tour visits Bataan. Anyone who neels, or otherwise disrespects our flag, should visit this place….

Suited up and ready to go – Good bye Subic Bay – Maybe not?

All suited up and ready to go this morning from Subic Bay and one and half hours later, setting on the ground with the engine running, unable to get a clearance. Resheduled for tomrrow……

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