Amelia Earhart Found!

Refueling operations at Subic Bay

Two 50 gallon Drums (drums here are 50 gallons not 55) delivered into the plane for $.85 per liter. That’s about $3.40 per gallon! US dollars. $18.00 per gallon at Guam, $3.40 at Subic Bay…..go figure. UPDATE ON THIS POST! So the accountant for the fuel company finds me at the local bar and explains that the price is $85.00 pesos per liter not the the $.85 that his guys charged me. Price per gallon is $6.40 not $3.40. Still a pretty good fuel price.

Looking for hangar space – Aviation Concepts

If your looking for hangar space, an oil change or just about any kind of aircraft maintenance, I highly recommend Aviation Concepts. With locations at Subic Bay Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong, Tokyo and San Francisco I experienced outstanding service at both Guam and Subic Bay. Parking there in my Cirrus you would of thought that I had arrived in Gulfstream.

Leg 7 departure scheduled

Leg 7 departure set for tomorrow morning 06:30 lcl. Subic Bay, Philippines – Rayong/Utapao, Thailand. Flight Plan routing and overflgiht permits for Vietnam and Cambodia just approved.

Distance: 1,247 kt miles. Flight time: 7hrs + 36mins.

Many thanks to Abelardo Villamil and his crew at Aviation Concepts for an excelent oil change, fueling, hospitality and showing me around this beautiful spot.

MFD display; arriving Subic Bay, Philippenes

Survival Equipment and the search for Amelia Earhart

Arriving Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

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