KMCE – PHOG fuel and time stats:

Yesterday Nov. 10th, I topped N140BV off after the flight from KMCE to PHOG and was stunned to find that I had over 67 gallons remaining. Keep in mind that the ferry tanks do not have fuel gauges on them. So I did a little math and it turns out that a clean wing SR22 N/A in the tank configuration that I have has a total endurance of 18.69hrs! Knock two hours off for reserve and you can fly zero wind: 2,586.95kt miles.

Fuel Calculations KMCE – PHOG

Total useable fuel: 229 gallons. Wing tanks at 92 gallons, aft tank at 96 and copilot seat tank at 40.

Total flight plan distance: 2,171nm.

Total flight time: 13hours 16mins (note: very long downwind leg due to traffic).

Total gallons to top of at PHOG: 161.82.

Fuel remaining: 67.18 gallons (that’s 5.4hrs of fuel remaining at PHOG after 13hrs and 16mins)

Total fuel burn KMCE – PHOG: 161.82 gallons.

Average fuel burn per hour: 12.25GPH.

Average ground speed: 164.46kts.

Total endurance: 229gallons/12.25gph = 18.69hrs.

Total range with 2 hours reserve, zero wind, 155kts TAS: (18.69hrs-2hrs=16.69×155=2,586.95kt miles.

Mid Pacific Cruising

Cirrus World TourMid Pacific Cruising

Posted by John Bone on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Leg 4 – Position report

John Bone and Cirrus World Tour – Live on Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association

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Leg 4 – Video -Merced departure enroute to Kahului, Maui + Fuel Transfer Video Details

Leg 4 – Coasting out from California

Forth leg post

Nov 6, 2017:  Hear is yesterday’s stats for leg four:

KMCE – PHOG flight planned distance: 2,171 kt miles.  Flight time: 13 hours, fuel used: 168 gallons, fuel remaining: 61 gallons, total fuel at takeoff: 229 gallons.

Average ground speed: 167 kts.(range was from 140 kts to 195 kts).  True airspeed started at 155 kts at 8,000′ at a weight of approximately 4,200 lbs.  After a step climb to 10,000′ four hours into the flight True airspeed  increased to 161 kts and then 163 kts after approximately eight hours.

The flight time was exactly 1 hour less than had been forecasted two days prior to departure due to a very small change in the 700MB chart.

Entire flight operated at lean of peak.

Could not have asked for better winds:

A thought on winds

Several people have commented on my choice of flying west bound against the winds.  It’s true that the winds in the northern hemisphere tend to flow west to east, but not always.  You might recall a question on the Instrument written exam that goes something like this: “If you were planning a cross country trip from east to west you would fly?” Answer: The North side of a low and the South side of a high.

Take a look at today’s Pacific wind pattern at 10,000′ (first photo below).

Two high pressures back to back, tailwind from California to Hawaii today. Now keep in mind that if you are going to make this trip you are going to have to wait for this day.  If you are in a hurry get a Gulfstream.

What about leaving Hawaii and heading further west?  Guess what, just north of the equator the winds are predominantly east to west.  Tailwind all the way to the Philippines and beyond.  Plus, this time of year (Nov/Dec) the ITZ (inter tropical convergence Zone) is a little farther south.

Westbound trip against the winds?  No thanks, I will take the westbound tailwind option with long days, clear skies and enjoy the sunsets.

Merced California En route to Kahului, Maui

John Bone sent this message from: Lat 31.61538 Lon -140.588007

35 kt tail wind. Looking at Landing with 70 gallons. She’s purring like a kitten.

N140BV is fueled, loaded and ready for departure from Merced, CA to Kahului, Maui tomorrow morning at 0530 lcl. Estimated flight time is 14 hours.

N140BV is fueled, loaded and ready for departure from Merced, CA to Kahului, Maui.    Flight time is an estimated 14 hours.

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