Spectacular Flight

What a spectacular flight today. Passing over the coast of Italy then right over Sardina, Menorca, Mallorca, with snow capped mountains, and then the coast of Spain. Hopefully I got some great video.

Overnight in Jerez, Spain. What a scenic town in the heart of the Spanish wine country. Today is a holiday here and the town is packed with the Christmas market in full swing.

Tomorrow is leg 13 with the crossing to Santa Maria, Azores; 930 kt miles, 6 hrs 38 mins. Have a day or more of down time there waiting for a couple of cold fronts to pass through the North Atlantic before departing to Newfoundland so hope to put together some more videos from the flights.


Cirrus World Tour hits the desert. Music: The Bangles: Walk Like An Egyptian.

Red Sea Cruisin’ Music: Classics IV – Stormy

Departure from and overfly of Abu Dhabi

Departure from and overfly of Abu Dhabi Music: Ishtar – Last Dance

Leg 11 set for tomorrow – Hurghada, Egypt (HEGN) to Rome’s Urbe Airport (LIRU)

Leg 11 set for tomorrow: Hurghada, Egypt (HEGN) to Rome’s Urbe Airport (LIRU). Looking forward to landing at Urbe as it sits right in the inner ring of Rome. The airport is a VFR only airport so the flight requires a composite IFR to VFR flight plan which I don’t remember ever filing before. 3,500’ runway, customs available with prior notice which the Cirrus Service Center at Urbe; Diamond Aero SRL has set up. Diamond will do an oil change and hopefully get the HF radio working. The perpetual tail winds that I have had leave me tomorrow so it will take 10 hrs + 5 mins to cover the 1,454 kt miles.

Fueling in Egypt (OMG)

Fueling in Egypt. OMG, make sure you drain the sumps here! Listen to the guy say no pictures at the end of the video….$15.00 a gallon for this

Nagpur, India refueling.

Abu Dhabi – Start Saving Now

If you have Abu Dhabi on your bucket list start saving now. Fuel cost here $15.96 per gallon and eye watering fees. OMAL would be a better fuel stop but its in the middle of know where and I wanted an Abu Dhabi experience.   FBO Pilot lounge and receipt.

Fueling at Nagpur, India

A slightly different type of operation…..
Fuel cost here was $420.00 USD per 200 liter drum. $8.40 per gallon. Airport fees, handling, VISA (required prior to arrival) totaled $1,047.00 so $1,879.00 for the stop including fees.


Kabir Khan – Nagpur India’s finest ground handler

With Kabir Khan: Nagpur, India’s finest ground handler. I had herd all kinds of horror stories about how difficult clearing through India was but Kabir made it a snap.

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