Egypt Layover

Egypt layover: Some much needed R&R on the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada and a great book to read! Many thanks to Sea Plane Pilot David R.T. Radford in the Philippines for lending me Spike Nasmyth’s hilarious book “So you want to be a ferry pilot”. A great read for any aviator.

Invoice for Flight Services at OMAD Airport


I’m currently hold up in Egypt waiting for the weather to clear in Europe and trying to time the winds to cross the North Atlantic. For you west bound tailwind naysayers, take a look at the high pressure developing in the North Atlantic for next week….it‘s over 2,000 miles across with a low to south of it. The perfect west bound sling shot. I plan to sprint across the south side of the high from the Azores to Newfoundland with more than a 20kt tailwind. Current schedule is to depart Egypt Monday for Rome, Madrid, Santa Maria and then the sprint to St Johns next Friday. Should be home next Sunday.

Fueling at Utapao, Thailand

Fuel, airport fees and handling fees payable in cash only and in local Thailand currency BAHT’s: 55,133.00, about $1,900.00 USD. Fuel worked out to be $7.42 per gallon, the least expensive out of drums thus far but very high airport and handling fees. Nice barrel trailer set up with an electric pump and a filter.

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