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Clearing the Bitterroots in Montana, headed home….

Ketchikan, AK.

A typical day in Ketchikan, AK.


North America’s tallest peak, 20,310′

Crossing the Yukon River

The Yukon River is the longest river in Yukon & Alaska. The third longest river in North America, flowing northwest from the Coastal Range mountains of northern British Columbia, through the Yukon Territory and Alaska to the Bering Sea.

Over the Diomead Islands in the Bering Straits

Big Diomead in Russia, Little Diomead in the US. Distance between them is 2.6 miles, time zone difference of 20 hours. Today it was Wednesday in Big Diomead and Tuesday in Little Diomead.

Navigating Kamchatka

A few great pictures

Milena Fokina…Member of the Kamchatka Ski Team

Milena Fokina is a member of the Kamchatka Ski Team and is ranked as the number 2 woman in Russia for Parallel Slalom. She is also a hostess at the Klyuschotel where I have been staying for a week in Petropavlosk.

AN2 Flight line at Khalaktyrka Field (UHPH), Kamchatka.

In production since 1947, the AN2 is one of the most produced aircraft in history, over 16,000. The AN2 and it’s Wright Cyclone 1832 (now a 1,010 hp Shvetsov ASH-62) are both still in production today in China. Now certificated as the Shijiazhuang Y-5.

Nuclear Submarine Captain

One of many highlights flying across Russia was my visit with Captain Aleksandr Chernolikhov. A Russian Nuclear Submarine Captain, Aleksandr has restored a beautiful Piper Pacer based at a grass strip here in Petropavlosk. A visit to his flat includes an opportunity to handle his vast collection of vintage and modern Russian firearms. One of […]

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