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Bahamas Check Out General Information

Flying the Bahamas

Flying the Bahamas in a small general aviation aircraft is a spectacular event. In my 48+ years of flying the many flights that I have made to the Bahamas are some of my most memorable.

Whether it be for fishing, diving, snorkeling, beaching, a stay at Atlantis, it is always just the flight getting there and back that is my favorite part of trip.

For those of you new to this type of flying I offer a 3 and 1/2 day Bahamas check out where I personally fly with you to the Bahamas and help you set up the various components of the flight planning, eAPIS, Customs, survival equipment, etc. We will land at various islands, challenging air strips and visit places that you might not otherwise find on your own. For those of you who are comfortable to go it alone your first time, you are welcome to use the below information as guide and reference of where to find the necessary information needed.

Russian Flight Guide

Russia has restructured its airspace in a move that’s bound to foster more GA activity in the country. Gone is the requirement to submit a detailed flight plan at least 24 hours in advance. Flight notification can now be done an hour in advance online. The changes were announced in April and went into effect Monday. According to TASS the new rules and airspace designations “are designed to meet the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).” Perhaps the biggest change is the creation of uncontrolled airspace.
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